Students! What have you been up to this summer? What other musical adventures are you involved in outside of YAPCA. Let us know what you’re doing. We’d love stories and photos. Send your info to [email protected].


Student activies

See what our students were up to this summer: Summer student activities.

Master class with Prof. Tom Wiebe

October 16, 2019 Master class with Prof. Tom Wiebe, Associate Professor of Violoncello at the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University in London.   Photos.

Master class with Jerzy Kapłanek

October 19, 2019 Master class with Jerzy Kapłanek from the Penderecki Quartet:   Photos

Master class with Caitlyn Boyle

November 6, 2019 Master class with Caitlyn Boyle of the Isabel String Quartet:   Photos

Winter Concert 2019

YAPCA students and ensembles prepared a magnificent concert after working very deligently for the entire term. If you missed the concert, check out the videos here.

Master class with Stéphane Sylvestre

On February 12, 2020, Professor Stéphane Sylvestre conducted a master class at YAPCA. Congratulations to all of the players: Jason and Jennifer Lee, Allyson Zheng, Henry Lee, Lily Richards, Susannah Salamon, and Cynthia Le.


Four Seasons Project

Musicians from YAPCA teamed up with dancers from Dasein Dance and led by YAPCA faculty member Joseph Lanza and colleagues to present Vivaldi’s iconic “Four Seasons” reimagined for dance and music. See the gallery.

Student activities

YAPCA students were busy making music this summer. See what they were up to.

Many YAPCA students attended the James Ehnes/Andrew Armstrong recital on October 10, 2018. Photos